Welcome to CR Skyblock's Wiki Page. This page will discuss some key features that CR SB has, and will guide the players with some common commands and other information.

Staff Team

Head Staff:

Owner - Pr0Acid

Head Admin - Konato_K

Head Admin - Nez8228

Head Admin - GrrBarkWooF

Local Staff:

Super Mod - Zamadomix69

Starting Out

Players will first appear in the server's spawn (/spawn). From there, players may create an island using either /is or /is create.

There are challenges that the player may choose to accomplish, these may be viewed using the command /challenge or /c for short.

If a player were to buy items, they may go to /warp shop to do so.

Tips for starting out:

Do not start an island once you get in. To save your starter items, go to /warp shop, look for an enderchest, and then deposit all your items.

One good way of making money is to smelt Cobblestone into Stone and craft it to Stone Bricks to be sold into the shop.

Donor Perks

Information found here:

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