It's simple, you follow it, or you will be blocked/banned from the wiki depends on what kind of rules you violated.

  1. Do not believe this wiki blind. Informations may be not corrected, outdated or specific to one server.
  2. Regardless of the types of articles that you are writing, such as comments, information, etc, don't use segregating, racist or any other offensive language.
  3. When you are trying to create a page, you have to get an agreement or permission from an admin of CraftRealms before you create it. This rule applies to adding a photo, video, slideshow, or blog post. ASK BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING.

This rule does NOT apply when correcting mistakes of other people's work or your work. But please put what you edit, and why you did it. However, if it's major edit, ask original author or an admin of

  1. Do not spam, or make a page that is similar to other pages. 
  2. Do not advertise your website or server here.  If you can't get the players the hard way like we have then your server likely sucks frozen RAM sticks. (Reffering that your RAM sticks aren't used. Sprayer's jokes...)

Law Enforcement

All laws are taken seriously by the Staff of the Craftrealms Wiki.  Failing to comply will lead to a ban from the wiki and further disciplinary action on the server or forums if necessary.

Abusive language depending where will lead to a ban.  If you make a profane comment it will result in a week ban.  If you make a profane page it will result in a month ban.  If you make a profane category it will be either a three month ban or an infinite ban.

Spam will be dealt with swift justice if we catch you doing it.  We wont ban you if you make an off topic or silly comment, but if you do it repeatedly it will result in a three day ban.  Making a spam page will result in a week ban. Making a spam category will result in a month ban.

Advertising a server or a server website will result in a three month ban.

Even if you don't have an account Staff can STILL SEE YOUR IP and ban it. Remember, if you don't break the rules, we wont have problems.  Contact Doctor or Matthew100x if you feel something should be added.

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