These are the lists of commands for the different ranks and their respective descriptions and uses. If you abuse your commands, staffs may take away your right to execute those commands.


Each server of CraftRealms has specific commands, but the most basic commands for members are listed below. Notice: Most of these commands do not work on the minigames servers (e.g. SkyWars, PvpWars, Prison, GTA, SCB, etc.).

- /tpa <target> (to request a teleport to another person)

- /tpahere <target> (to request another person to teleport to you)

- /tpaccept (accepts another person's /tpa or /tpahere request)

- /tpdeny (denies another person's /tpa or /tpahere request)

- /warp (teleports to warps set by donors or staff)

- /spawn (Returns to that server's spawnpoint)

- /sethome (sets your current location as home)

- /home (spawns at your home)

- /g (Makes you speak in global chat)

- /h (Makes you speak in help chat (Only use it when you're seeking for help)).

Commands for donors

- /chest (access to your personal chest)

- /workbench or /craft (access to a portable workbench)

- /fly (allows you to fly like in creative, but be careful when you warp)

- /kit (gives you a donor kit)

/sethome [name] (ability to set multiple homes)

- /warp create [name] (ability to create warps you can share with friends)

- /repair or /fix (Repairs item in your hand, may have cooldowns)

- /hat (place that item(s) you have in your hotbar's selected slot on your head)

- /heal (Heals you. Do not use it during combat or get demoted!)

- /feed (turns your hunger bar to full)

- /echest (Opens your personal enderchest storage)

- /disguise <mob> (Lets others to see you as that mob)

- /pet <mob> (Creates a pet that follows you around)

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