ErecktioN's skin

ErecktioN is currently an Admin of CraftRealms. He is called "Ereck" in short. He is also known for joking around with everyone to keep them entertained and tries to keep a balance between all members as much as possible. In some occasions, he is called "Mr. Boner" because of what his name indicates. 

Personal History

As a gamer, ErecktioN started off in Fiesta, an MMORPG, becoming one of the strongest damage dealers as a Mage. As time passed, he moved onto Counter Strike: Source and became a Moderator for three servers, one of them was called NO3 JailBreak. Ever since then, he's been professionally trained to become one of the best Moderators any server could have by a fellow staff of a popular server. He was taught to keep the balance between staff and regular members. ErecktioN then became a Moderator for a Minecraft server, only lasting a month before it shut down. After a year, he discovered CraftRealms, easily becoming noticed by members, especially the owner, Pr0Acid. A month later, he became a Trial Moderator for about one and a half months. 13 minutes after he received his title as a Moderator, he then became an Admin because of the trust he gained from Pr0Acid. As time went on, his behavior changed, becoming more serious. ErecktioN then resigned due to his enlistment as a Poolee of the United States Marine Corps. Although still training for boot camp, he has now returned to assist members of CraftRealms with a better and more fair behavior due to his experience in the military.

Origin of Name

Originally, ErecktioN started off with SNICKERS as his name. He then received his current name, ErecktioN, from his lover. "Ereck" for his real name "Eric", "tio" which looks similar to "tie" to symbolize the relationship between the him and her. And lastly "N" for his last name "Nguyen". He now uses this name as if it were a religion.

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