Username FurryScout
Gender Male
Age 20
Staff Rank NightFall Mod
Associated Servers NightFall
Donor Rank Eclipse
Status Active
Enjin Profile


FurryScout is a Moderator in the CraftRealms Nightfall server. He is very friendly towards players, and often times, he can be very humourous as well.


  • Furry
  • Furrybuns
  • Furreh - FreyaPlaysMC
  • Furball - Squeebers
  • Jeff - Nez8228
  • #HairGirlScout -xNeron & FreyaPlaysMC

More Info

  • Founder of News After Dark (N.A.D. for short), an in-game newsletter company in Nightfall.
  • Daemon's Town Assistant in Towny
  • Minecraft parody maker
  • Squeebers' "pup"

Minecraft Parodies

One of FurryScout's hobby is singing, and throughout his moments in the CraftRealms community, he started making Minecraft parodies to show his love for the community. Thus, his first Minecraft parody "CraftRealms No.5", a parody of "Mambo No.5" by Lou Bega, was made.

He also made other Minecraft parodies, such as:

  • "All About That Cake" - lyrics by FurryScout
  • "Mad Mobs" - lyrics by FurryScout
  • "Made A Hoe" - lyrics by FurryScout
  • "Craft N Fight" - lyrics by PyrFlamzii
  • "CraftRealms PvPWars Song" - lyrics by PyrFlamzii
  • "Nightfall" - lyrics by xNeron
  • "Miney's Lazy Song" - lyrics by Prince_Miney

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