[[File: | | align=center colspan=2 style="padding: 1em 0; text-align: center;" | 210px |]]
Username Herpineryday
Gender Male
Staff Rank Ex-Staff
Associated Servers Prison
Became Staff in Trial Mod - December 4, 2014
Recent Promotion Moderator - February 28, 2015
Status Active
Enjin Profile


Herpineryday, other wise known as "herp", is a Mod on the Prison Server on CraftRealms. Herp loves playing and helping any and all players who join the server. His witty and leaderly attitude is a great feature to have on the staff team on CraftRealms. Herpineryday is also a youtuber that some people may or may not know. He usually doesn't reveal his youtube channel but when he does, you won't regret asking what his channel name is!

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