Lets begin by going over the fact that if you don't have any evidence except your word you will get nowhere! Everything in the Craftrealms legal system needs some type of photographic evidence [whether it be a photo or a film is up to you] Do note that in some cases staff needs video evidence like when reporting for hacked clients [Nodus, Xray, Sprint Hacks, Etc] Let us review over the ban request first.

Ban Request The ban request format was made by Isatty and not me.

Title format [name of person] [reason] [server] The reason must be good or in the rules for it to be accepted.

- Person Being Reported: The name of the person you want to report

- Reason for the Ban Request: Your reason that you want them banned

- Which Server?: The server the incident occured on.

- Proof: (Screenshots / Video) Stating what type of evidence you have.

- Date Of Screenshot(s) / Video Taken: The date it was taken.

- Other Anything else you want to say or explain.

Here's a link for how to open your .Minecraft folder for evidence:

Now how to understand the concept of a Ban/mute appeal format.

Ban appeal This is the one made by WTFvckBro and I did not make it.

This should be your title: [name] [reason] [staff who banned you] Remember staff will never ban you with just because.

- In-Game Name: Your name.

- Date Of The Ban: The date you were banned. [put unknown if you don't know when]

- Who Banned You?: The name of the staff who banned you. [put unknown if you don't know who]

-Which Server?: The server you are Currently banned from.

- Reason Of The Ban: You must have a reason or the staff will not listen as it shows you have not learned yourr lesson, never put unknown, just ask staff what you were banned for if you really don't know.

- Why Should You Get Unbanned?: You must give a valid explanation why you should be unbanned. I'm not saying write an essay on this but a few good sentences explaining the situation or why you think you should be unbanned. It must make sense and be good [Hint! staff like it when you write intelligently, aka no spelling errors, grammatically correct sentences, and a neat format.]

- Any Proof, if any. (Pictures, Video, etc.): If you can't get some or don't have any its fine it can still be accept, just note that screenshots or evidence really does help in your favor.

- Anything You Would Like To Add?: Add any extra info if you need to explain some more or if you want to apologize.

In the case of donor or staff abuse [since they have the same format.] You need really good evidence for them, especially staff otherwise you're just going to get laughed at.

Donor/Staff Abuse iSatty made this format and not me.

[Name of person] [The abuse] [Server]

- Staff Member Being Reported: The staff you are reporting.

- Reason for the Ban Request: MUST give a very very good reason.

- Which Server?: The server the abuse occured

- Proof: (Screenshots / Video) whether you have video or photographic evidence.

- Other This is where you provide all the info about the abuse and where you MUST explain EVERYTHING that happened.

Donor Format

- Person Being Reported: Donor being reported, must be a donor.

- Reason for the Ban Request: The abuse

- Which Server?: The server the incident occurred on

- Proof: (Screenshots / Video) whether you have video or photos.

- Other: Where you explain what happened, its a little bit easier reporting a donor but you must have a valid reason for this report and good evidence to back it up.

Ok thanks for reading my guide and i hoped this clarified things for the newer members. This is very simple to learn and if you have become proficient on it people will call you in to help them on their cases. Again none of this was made by me i just gave explanations on how you do them and how it works. Thanks for reading, or watching if you watched my video [dont forget to comment like and subscribe lol.]

Thanks, Matthew100x

The link to the guide:

*All credits go to Matthew100x.

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