ImpactPrincess's Skin

ImpactPrincess was an Admin in CraftRealms. She was called "Impact" or "Amy" since it's her name. (Her name is Amelia but close friends used to call her "Amy". She also went by names like "Impact", "Priny" or "Princess".) She was the first female admin. She was good with helping people, and making a new idea. She was one of the most popular staffs in the server. She resigned on 3/17/2013.

Personal History

As a member, ImpactPrincess ran a cake and wool shop on the server, and built statues for a her friends. She also built lobby Arenas on HG. As a T-Mod, she learned more about the diffculties as a staff. Through that time, she was a great helper of other admins especially iSatty. After awhile, she was promoted to a mod. After seeing a castle that a server Owner, Pr0Acid, made, she deicde to make Peaches Castle from the video game Mario series. Her plan of the castle is still not done but about to be fininshed. She got promoted to SuperMod after being a moderator for just over a month. After becoming a SuperMod, she was desperate to find donor abuse, and she was able to catch several donor problems. Impact also used to be a forum mod and cleaned up the forums. Her determination to get the job done is what got her promoted to TrialAdmin In dec 2012. and then to Admin where she stands now.

Origin of name

Amelia got the idea of ImpactPrincess even before start playing CraftRealms. Her other user names use to be PrincessPink or always something to do with Princess, although she didn't exactly like or want to be a princess, rather she likes the girliness that surrounds the name title. She wantsd a user name with no numbers and something that would really express who she is. Then she saw a user name "PrepareForImpact" and the word "Impact" interested her, thus, ImpactPrincess it was. 


Her mentor as a t-mod was iSatty, and her mentor when she was a T-admin was Doctor (ddoogejun), who is also one of her closest friends on the server.

Catch Phrases

  • "._."
  • "o_o"
  • "tbh"
  • "imo"
  • "rawrarwrawrawrawrawr"