Username JSanchez55
Gender Male
Age 19
Staff Rank Super-Mod
Associated Servers Towny


Donor Rank FakeOwner
Date Joined CR September 14, 2012
Became Staff in Trial Mod - July 25, 2014

Moderator - September 7, 2014

Recent Promotion Super Mod - December 16, 2014
Status Active
Enjin Profile


JSanchez55 is a Super Moderator in the Towny/Survival and PvPWars servers. He's fun to hang out with, and does his work right. He's also a veteran player. He's good with helping out players and is a kind person, and also a funny one at times.

Other Info

  • Naraku Town's Mayor
  • King of The DarkSide Nation
  • Senpai
  • HotBuns Leader


  • Senpai
  • JSan
  • JSan-Senpai
  • SugarDaddy55
  • JSanosaur


  • lol
  • yo
  • Hi
  • oye

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