Staff List

Head Staff
Owner Pr0Acid
Tech-Admin/Founder kilker12
Developer/Head-Admin Konato_K
Head-Admin/Account Manager Nez8228
Head-Admin/Staff Manager GrrBarkWooF
Survival Staff Team
Admin Kg4m3r
Super-Mod JSanchez55
Mod Zamadomix69
Trial-Mod Jeikaa
Trial-Mod Rin21
PvP Staff Team
Mod x3SakuRa
Mod Xx_WolfScar_xX
Trial-Mod _kennyle_
Hunger Games Staff Team
Mod SpeedBob123
Trial-Mod WaYsMiDNiTe
Skywars Staff Team
Mod FirstFireFalcon
Mod Choco42
Mod SAOKirito_Kun
Mod RashFlygon
Trial-Mod mine_crafter64
Trial-Mod mafiasworder
Trial-Mod xNexotx
Trial-Mod Shadix7890
Trial-Mod Lysseh
Prison Staff Team
Mod _kennyle_
PvPWar Staff Team
Super-Mod JSanchez55
Mod DavisMC5
Mod RenegadeYT
Mod Riky_lymback
Trial-Mod CraftingEmerald
Trial-Mod SkyTheKitty
Bridges Staff Team
Mod SpeedBob123
Trial-Mod CraftCopGaming
Trial-Mod Ouja
SkyBlock Staff Team
Super-Mod Zamadomix69
GTA Staff Team
Trial-Mod jonna99
Creative Staff Team
Super-Mod Zamadomix69
NightFall Staff Team
NightFall Head-Admin Kg4m3r
NightFall Admin RenegadeYT
NightFall Mod xNeron
NightFall Mod FurryScout
NightFall Mod RimnLJY
NightFall Mod KingLaGGer
NightFall Mod CrazyDave132
Pixelmon Staff Team
Pixelmon Admin xXMDCDXx
Pixelmon Mod Zamadomix69
Pixelmon Mod _AzuleBladeArc
Pixelmon Mod LubFotPig
Pixelmon Mod MeowkinsRingo
Pixelmon Builder WaYsMiDNiTe

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Other Official CR Organizations


Build Team

Pixelmon Gym Leaders

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