SkingtonHD's skin

SkingtonHD is a Mod of CraftRealms. He is called Sking in short. He is good at helping and creating an entertainment for people. 



SkingtonHD doing cheesy pose.

Sking has been a part of Craftrealms ever since late March of 2012. He was a well known great PvPer back in the day when Crafrealms still had the Heroes plugin with 4 classes mastered. He was also very well known for being helpful before he was chosen for staff. He started out as a member who then donated for Honored rank, but due to a bug in the ranks, he was demoted to VIP but then soon gained honored back, he then won the TITAN rank by voting and was given CEO by a past admin Ejcool1995. He's co-owned a town named AwesomeTown which was owned by Lykeabaus his friend. He currently makes Capture the flag arenas or pvps on the pvp server.

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